Key Holding Services

The whole range of security problems which owners/managers have to deal with, particularly out-of-hours incidents, can be an absolute pain.

With All Security, the Key Holding Service is so inexpensive that you’ll soon wonder why you bothered taking the risk and have endured the inconvenience for so many years. The Key Holding Service involves holding the Customer’s keys in secure vaults and labelling them under coded selection. The key holding service is often used if out of hours access is required to a building or other site for security or safety purposes.

All Security Trained staff hold your keys securely and supply them to your site when required, eliminating the need to have your own staff on-call at unsociable hours. We act as guardians for both residential and commercial properties providing security and essential services based on access through safeguarding a copy of your property keys.

All Security are on duty 24/7 to respond to your alarm, let you back in if you lock yourself out or just keep an eye on your home or business when you’re not around, providing peace of mind regarding the ongoing security of your property. In addition, as a part of our key holding service we provide reliable tradesmen to take care of any property emergency or maintenance that may be required. As well as removing such stresses, you need not be distracted from work, or use up valuable free time to take care of emergency or mundane tasks; nor need you wait around, or even be at home at all, since we combine our key holding services with authorised access to your property, 24/7.

Think of the issues to consider in the context of an alarm going off at your premises:

  • Has your staff received any formal training in alarm response?
  • Are they able to respond safely?
  • Is it fair to ask them to risk disturbing an intruder?
  • Do you want them to be disturbed at home?
  • How quickly will they respond?
  • How long will they have to wait for an engineer?
  • Will they give 100% after a disturbed night sleep?
  • What happens if they are off sick, or on holiday, or out for the night/weekend, or it’s Christmas?

With our competitive key holding service, we attend to the alarm and you relax unless there is a problem and you need to be contacted. We’re available for attendance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Whatever the time there will be someone there from All Security Key holding Service, a mobile patrol officer is always ready. Despatched from our 24hr Operations Centre, our Mobile Patrol Officers are in constant contact with all emergency services.

Trained in procedures required when attending alarmed premises, our officers afford your premises a safe, professional response service, whilst protecting your valuable possessions and property. Keys held by the attending Officer ensure that your premises are thoroughly checked in the event of alarm activation or trespassers on site. Your premises will then be made secure or alternatively a security officer can be placed until the problem is sorted.

The Key Holding Service can ensure a prompt response to alarm activation. We provide an Unlocking and Locking service, opening premises and un-setting alarm systems in the morning and locking up premises in the evening. Our operatives will check doors and windows and leave your premises secured.

Your business or company may be small or large. It may be located in an urban setting or rural environs. Your business operations may involve activities that are more or less hazardous. Your surrounding external environment may pose potentially small or greater risks to your personnel and property. But regardless of all these variables, you have to ensure business continuity under all conditions, and an effective Key Holding Service is really a must as a part of your total security operation.

The Key Holding Service from All Security is a low cost and very effective measure to protect your business and to remove one more element of worry from your busy schedule. All Security Limited has been established since 1969. During our 50 years we have earned an outstanding reputation for excellence and reliability.

All Security offer specialist advice in many areas such as Fire Safety, Site Safety and Crime prevention. An ongoing review is provided by our Trained Security Consultants to ensure that your arrangements are up to date and keep pace with any changing requirements.

For your free initial assessment Contact us and have peace of mind for your business Key Holding Service. All Security lets you get on with running your business.

All Security Limited holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key holding services

Key Holding Services in Croydon & Surrey